Brand Engagement; Forming Relationships


What is Brand Engagement?

  • The process of forming an emotional or rational attachment between a person and a brand

In a day and age in which customers trust big corporations less and less, the question is, how do you manage to create a bond with your customer on a personal level to gain their trust?


What types of customer engagement are there?

  • Active engagement, actively interacting with your customers through social media and other online platforms
  • Emotional engagement, using advertising messages that touch a person’s feelings rather than simply shoving your product in their face
  • Rational engagement, provide the customer with enough information about your product so they get the whole picture
  • Ethical engagement, using proper ethics to your favour as a company to get the customer to understand that you care about the world around you


When do you know a customer is engaged in your brand?

  1. The customer responds to a campaign
  2. Purchases the product
  3. Remains a customer
  4. Recommends the brand


Point 3 and 4 are by far the toughest to reach as a company. Here are some ways in which companies have achieved this in the past:


“Volkswagen China Turns Crowdsourced Product Ideas Into Concept Videos”

Volkswagen asked people in China to come up with innovative car related ideas, which they would make into a video to make them come alive.


Here is an example of one of the ideas, which was a hover car that would hover across the street.

The well known television network MTV decided to give the people that watch them each and every day, the chance to work with them as a cameraman Throughout the Europe Music Awards which they host.

This is a great way of engaging your viewers with your brand, as it will seem like something that is much more tangible now that you can actually work for them and meet all the MTV staff.

Some people however, take brand engagement a little further…


This guy for instance, likes McDonalds so much that he decided to tatoo one of his receipts on his arm


An English man was so obsessed with Coca Cola, that he drank himself to death.

Paul Inman, was so obsessed with the drink that he would drink up to 3 litres a day. Which is around 12 glasses each day!

After continuing to drink this much for some time, this caused for his lungs to swell up to four times the normal weight.


Brand Engagement through Social Media

Social networking is currently the most popular online activity among consumers worldwide.

Focus on behavioural and emotional engagement –> social media should both excel in emotional appeal, and encourage interaction with the brand.

  • Ask

Strengthen connections by opening a direct line of communication by simply asking. You can also provide information through a follow-up and therefore create more intrest in your band.

  • Start Discussions

Platforms –> LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+

Creating groups that are relevant to your industry provide you with a great opportunity provide helpful and informative advice or to start relevant discussions that can help generate interest in your brand.

  • Humor

Everybody likes to see funny content.

If you see content that makes you smile, it will probably make your followers smile as well.

  • Step into the personal zone

As a business, showing a few glimpses here and there of the behind the scenes of the company is always great to interact with customers on a personal level.

The more people connect with you on a personal level, the more likely they are to do business with you.


Technical Side..

  • Use a Social Media Management Tool




  • Monitor Social for Un-Tagged Brand Mentions



Alterian SM2

  •  Keep Track of Your Response Speed


Webpage Test

Pagespeed Insights


Let’s take a look at Roo’bar on Instagram…


228 of 400’000’000

At the moment, Roo’bar’s Instagram Account @roobar_raw has 228 follwers. This is a tremendously low amount regarding the fact that they sell their products in 46 countries on 4 continents. Instagram is a global social media platform with more than 400mln users which can be potential customers of Roo’bar if a good social media strategy is implemented.



By creating unique hashtags, Roo’bar can not only interact and engage with their target audience but also reach a lot of potential customers. Therefore, it is essential not only to create a specific brand hashtag like #roobar, but to use also trendy hashtagst that can be connected to Roo’bar. As an example, Roo’bar has already created the hashtags

#4to5ingredients and #unlockyourinnersuperhero


Consistency: Unfullfilled

Roo’bars Instagram account consists of 41 Posts and all oft hem have been posted on the same day three months ago! Since then not a single post has been made. To engange with their Instagram users, Roo’bar has to care for their Instagram feed and to post regularly.
A simple rule for having success on Instagram is:




Brand ambassadors

In order to reach and to engange with the target audience it is very important to use brand ambassadors (even if they’re not famous). In this case Roo’bar has done an excellent job so far: They use many sportive people with a healthy lifestyle and show them in a extreme situation. Also they use many pitures with kids on it to show their customers that Roo’bars porducts are healthy for everyone regardless their age.

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