The Internet macro-environment

The Mobile Apps; an useful tool for marketers.

Mobile App means a huge innovation in the mobile communication. Since then, digital marketing had to develop interactive content and especially fill smartly the consumer needs.

Let’s  take the exemple of a trip abroad. 80% of the people nowadays will book their holiday online, according to some studies*.

The digital marketing made booking easier for travelers by providing price comparators and a new way of getting your ticket. And this does not stop there ! Thanks to the digital marketing we can get all these advantages in one app ! We can book, compare, print, show tickets and even sell them with only one finger touch on your smartphone.

Recently, Ninjamediablog dowloaded, via the Apple Store, the app of Ryanair to show you a common example:

« Free ! »


We found easily the app and for free!

Marketers use this technique a lot. This provides convenience and even (sometimes) happiness to the customer. This aims to thank the customer for his loyalty.

« Here we go ! »


Let’s say we want to go to Dublin, just to take a sun bath!

We fill all the information required by the app and book a flight.

Then, a QR (Quick Response) Code appeared on the screen with all my flight details and also the option to « add to Apple Wallet » my ticket.

The QR Codes are like barcodes generated to be scanned by another electronic device. It provides information to the person who scans the code. It can be newsletters or data about buyers for instance. Usually the QR Codes have two goals; delivering information to customers or providing required datas to companies (for a flight or concert tickets for example). In this case, we will be able to check-in our flight, but also keep all the details in one App.

« Companies always wanted to get to know you ! »

While downloading, the App ask if we allow it to send us notifications. These notifications will keep you aware and updated. It is a way for marketers to promote special offers and evaluate the rate of return on the app and more generally on mobile devices. This technic can be compared to emailing as the goal stay quite the same: build a more intimate relationship with the customer. (You heard right! Companies always wanted to get to know you !). That functionality responds to integration of customers’ journeys.

It is maybe relevant to remembering that this question « do you allow ***** to send you notifications ? » is considered for companies as an « opt-in« . An opt-in is the customer’s agreement to receive further information from the app, the company or partners linked to the service or product provided.

« I wish my wallet was as thick as my thighs.. »


 With another App Mobile called Wallet, we can find back previous tickets and also several other functionalities such as: cards, cinema tickets and payment options. May note that this App is included with the iPhone, it’s a component of the IOS 9 update. This is a good example of how digital marketing changed the way of distributing products and promoting it.




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