Brewdogs Open Source Revolution is the Vanguard of Postcapitalism


Which paradigm (specific to digital media) is the company using to build their business model?

The paradigm used here is that of Free flow of information through online sources such as the DIY Back Catalogue BrewDog has published, including 215 ways to make different kinds of beer.

Is the company ‘disrupting’ the beer industry? If yes, how exactly?

It is rather ‘changing’ the beer industry through catching up with the computer operating-system world, letting go of secreted information hidden from its consumers and shifting things to a newer perspective which is the experience. There is more emphasis on the experience rather than the brand. Much like concerts and festivals, people will pay much more solely for ‘being in the moment’ and listening to the music.

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of the copyright for product development and use?


Advantages are that the effect takes place immediately, that something is copyrighted and requires no official registration. With it also comes no costs to marking something as copyright.  To be simple, it prevents others from copying, altering, distributing or displaing your work without your permission. With today’s age in media, Digital Copyright is something just as important in order to protect what you have created, especially if you’d like to make financial gain from your work. The fact that you can enforce such power over your own creative work also encourages you in some ways to keep going as you are to have full ownership. This is something important when you realize how easily it is nowadays to share things online, things that are accessible to millions of other people around the world.


Authorship is not ownership: It does not protect ideas, only the way in which the idea is expressed. Also, there is the inability to share work if it is copyrighted. To be effective it must be enforced.
Since you will have the responsibility for legally asserting copyright if you feel it is infringed, it may also involve legal costs in proving infringement. Also, if others were to make parodies of your creation, more times than not it would be possible to do so since there is no provision to  such as for example making personal remakes using characters from other creations.

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of the open source for product development and use?


A big plus for open source ist hat every body can profit from it and not only a few (and rich) ones. The fact that also small companies with limited financial resources and no R&D department can have access to data can boost (local) economy. E.g. smaller breweries can now profit from Brew Dog’s knowledge and brew own beer and locally compete with big companies like Heineken, Stella Artois, Budweiser etc. So this leads to a better economy as well as to a wider assortment selection. With open source everybody has a fair chance to enter the market because there is no longer asymmetry of information.


Imagine if Coca Cola would share its legendary recipe. They would all of a sudden lose a bit of their magic and their myth. They would lose their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and could no longer differentiate from competitors. From then on every coke would taste the same and the variety would shrink. And so would brands disappear as there would be no more need of it. And therefore Marketing people would be obsolete, and that’s definitively not what we want…






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