Incorporating the RACE Framework to Roo’bar




In the first step of the RACE framework we have to define how to make Roo’bar visible and to create traffic on its webpage. There are 6 main channels to reach customers.We’ll give you some examples how this could look like:


Search Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO): Try to google Roobar Instagram. You’ll find things
like Roobar pictures on some customers profiles or Roobars twitter profile, but you
won’t find what you were looking for: Roobars Instagram profile.Roobar could get
more visibility by doing SEO for its Instagram profile.

Online Partnership



Birchbox , a beauty-related monthly subscription box partners with beauty influencers to showcase their new products, model the latest trends or promote their products.

Or..partner with influencers in your niche; create an Instagram contest or co-create a product campaign.

Team-up for a Cause

Example: Boxed Water ; to spread the word about their philanthropic campaign with the National Forest Foundation:The Retree Project. they contacted influencers such as Jamie King. « For every Instagram photo posted with the hashtag #Retree, Boxed Water will plant two trees. »

The result? More than 2.600 Instagram photos were posted after a month it was launched.

Inspire Adventure

If you check out Johnnie Walker ‘s Instagram, you quickly see that they’re all about experiences and seeking enjoyment in life. This is why they partner with individuals who seek that same sense of adventure. They’ve travelled to Scotland,Milan for Formula 1 Their influencers have traveled to Milan for Formula 1, Scotland where these photos relate to the products of the brand and the vision.


Social Media Marketing

Managing social presence

-Instagram Partner Program


As of today, the program is connected with 40 partners which can be divided into 3 categories:

  •  Ad Tech: Advertisers can easily manage ads throughout the planning, buying and optimizing process.
  • Community Management: Marketers can better interact with and understand the Instagram community.
  • Content Marketing: Businesses can quickly create, curate and source content.

Other ways to manage your social presence can include:

-Having a theme

-Telling a story with your caption

-Sticking to a schedule


-Engaging with followers (to an extent)

Here’s the full list of Instagram partners:.

Ad Tech: 4C, Adaptly, adMixt, Adobe, AdParlor, Adphorus, Adsmurai, Ampush, ADTZ, Bidalgo, Bornlogic, Brand Networks, CitizenNet, Esome Advertising, Facelift, Glow Digital Media, Kenshoo, Kinetic Social, MakeMeReach, Nanigans, Septeni Original,, SocialCode, Marin Software, Torchlight, Unified, Wisebirds



Once consumers have reached your website/social network page, the goal is to push them to follow the path through the website, interact with the different categories; as a real store !
In other words, this step is like trying to get new clients for your new shop; you obviously have to attract people to come in your shop, but then you have to make them stay in a shop and take a look of all your items, to push them to the purchasing step.


So if you check out the top header of the website, everything is easily found. Easy navigation paves way for more consumer interaction on the website. The different categories found aren’t the usual boring ones you find in almost every company’s product website. There’s a tab for « Superheroes », they give you « Recipes » that you can use and make things yourself. The experience that Roo’bar sells is something important for this part of the framework. It is all about how you can keep the interest of your customers once you’ve caught their attention and landed them on your site.

Capture d’écran 2016-03-29 à 21.49.30.png

The content and the structure of the platform is essential to keep customers visiting it.
For instance RooBar has made a perfect path from their social network pages to their website. Moreover the website itself is well built, full of color and with a lot of explanation on the concept, how is it made etc…

Capture d’écran 2016-03-29 à 21.32.12

However, the path is not ready yet, and that represents a problem for the company’s image. Indeed, the website is beautiful and attractive, you want to scroll it down and to learn more about it…, well, finally you want to taste it !! But you can’t !
Unless their is a retailer next to you who sell these bars, you won’t be able to purchase any of this bars through internet, or a least through the company’s website.

Capture d’écran 2016-03-29 à 21.31.47

The act step is kind of vital for the RACE model, and more especially for the company. This will determine if the interface is attractive  and well structured enough to push potential customer to become real ones.

Roobar’s Facebook Page is an excellent example of an interaction hub between customers and the brand. Interesting content such as latest product updates, picture of a famous heavy-weight lifting champion who visited their booth at an international trade show, posting links to websites and companies whom have mentioned Roo’bar are all part of the content that Roo’bar can give to make users hang around a bit more.


In order to have the people that have been reached by your marketing efforts and have gotten your attention by acting in on their interest actually end up making the purchase. It is important that you are transparent about what this purchasing process is going to entail.

You can for instance use Instagram to post pictures with a caption about there not being any tax on the products:


or where you ship to:



Urgency is another way of making sure that the consumer makes the purchase, this can be helpful for online as well as retail sales.
You could for instance post a picture of the caption:



So, you can say that the conversion process that the customer will go through online or in the supermarket can already be influenced before they even make the purchase.



The last step of the RACE framework is about how to ENGAGE the customer to a long-term relationship and develop the customer loyalty.

Buyers that reach the stage of advocacy can be considered as follow:

“Thrilled customers are key to social media marketing, social proof, repeat sales and referral.”


The CTA (Call for Action) is a great mean to push the user to interact with the brand’s online profile. It can appear in the picture itself or in the caption.



  1. The option « shop now » is available and encourages the user to take the next step











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